Private luxury Villas

NEW Casa Magiona, Tuscany, Italy
Perched high in the hills above the Tuscan coastline sits the beautiful private luxury villa, Casa Magiona. The luxury villa has recently been renovated by the owner and no expense has been spared.

El Caracol, Lledo, Spain
A half eggshell in a pine forest, that’s what this spectacular house looks like from afar. Nestled in a Mediterranean pine forest in Lledó, Spain, El Caracol sits at the meeting point of two rivers. 
 Le Beauvallon, French Riviera
The Grande Dame of the French Riviera, Le Beauvallon can now be now yours, all yours.  The elegant mansion has been re-imagined as a private residence and estate available for exclusive hire.
 Jagged Edge, New Zealand
The visual impact of the Jagged Edge is literally staggering. When I first  saw the place, I took several steps backwards as I absorbed the bold, futuristic, dart-shaped form of the house



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