Luxury Hotels Reports

NEW LUXURY HOTELS: The Silo, Cape Town

This one gets our vote for the most exciting luxury hotel opening in years. We predict that its innovative architecture will make it an icon on the Cape Town waterfront, while its  stylish interiors will make it that rare thing; hotel-as-destination. Continue

  NEW LUXURY HOTELS: Sage Hotel, Brisbane

Established a stroll away from the busier 'green' end of James Street, you'll find the new Sage Hotel, an upscale four-storey boutique property snuggling up to the historic Queens Arms Hotel. Continue

LUXURY HOTELS: Hotel Awasi Patagonia, Chile

Chilean hoteliers Awasi are developing an idea inspired by African safari camps: upmarket, luxury properties in iconic locations. In 2013 Awasi Patagonia opened with 12 cabins. Continue

LUXURY HOTELS: The Knickerbocker, NYC

The Knickerbocker has burst free of its chrysalis and emerged as a re-imagined classic. The legendary landmark hotel has returned to its roots just shy of 100 years after it was opened in 1906. Continue

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